Norlake Reverse 516 Magnetic Gasket

Part Number:
Magentic Door Gasket
Snap - In Magnetic

Note: Reverse mount gaskets have
the magnet located on the inside edge
of the gasket as opposed to the outside edge.

Hinge - RH or LH (right or left)
Hinge side is viewed from outside with door

Door hinge gaskets are manufactured w/o
the magnet on that side.

Measure the gasket from
Outside Corner to Outside Corner

Part Number
Norlake Reverse 516

Size O.D. In InchesModelPriceQuantity
28 1/2 x 67RH$54.00
28 1/2 x 79LH$62.00
28 1/2 x 79RH$62.00
28 5/8 x 59 7/8All Mag$50.00
28 x 67RH$54.00
32 1/2 x 32 1/24 Sided$44.00
32 3/4 x 79LH$64.00
32 3/4 x 79RH$64.00
32 3/8 x 67RH$56.00
38 1/2 x 793S LH$66.00
38 1/2 x 79RH$66.00

For additional sizes, request a quote online or call customer support at 781-752-6749.

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