Barr Display 035 Gasket

Part Number:
"NU" Style Magentic Gasket


"NU" Style Gaskets are held in place by alumninum extrusions around the door perimeter (Not provided with the gaskets). This gasket is also available in special sizes not listed. Please provide the Outer dimensions and order via the custom ordering link below.
Scew - on Magnetic

Measure the gasket from
Outside Corner to Outside Corner

Part Number
Barr 035

Size O.D. In InchesModelPriceQuantity
23 3/8 x 63NU-2463$58.00
23 5/8 x 54 3/4NU-2454$53.00
23 x 36 1/8NU-2336$39.00
23 x 54 1/4NU-2354$52.00
23 x 63NU-2363$57.00
25 1/4 x 60 3/4NU-2560$58.00
25 1/4 x 72NU-2572$65.00
30 x 64 1/2 NU-3064$64.00
30 x 72NU-3072$68.00
30 x 78NU-3078$72.00

For additional sizes, request a quote online or call customer support at 781-752-6749.

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