Terms used in relation to hinges:

Adjustment is an area with a series of parallel grooves and slotted holes that will mate with another grooved area. While the screws are loose, the hinge can be moved the full travel of the slotted holes. When the screws are tight the grooves mate, holding the item at the proper adjustment. Using the incorrect screw size can reduce or eliminate the adjustment.

Cam-Rise refers to hinges with a self closing feature. As the door opens, the cam lifts the door. The weight of the door closes the door.

Edgemount refers to a hinge that mounts vertically on the side of the door as opposed to mounting on the front face of the door. Or the top and bottom of the door.

Offset is the distance between the face of the unit and the front of the hinge.

Pivot hinges mount on the top and bottom of the door allowing the door to pivot open.

Screw Centers are used to help identify hardware. The measurements are taken from the center of the screws holes.

Spring Assist Hinges create a self closing door. They must be used with a magnetic gasket or use a non-magnetic gasket and a magnetic latch. Do not expect the spring's power to hold a door closed or close a mechanical latch.

Surface Mount refers to hinges that mount horizontally on the front of the face of the door.

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