How to order

Eastern Gasket does not use a manufacturer matrix, meaning we do not cross-reference your unit model number with gasket dimension or gasket profile information. This does not affect our ability to help you with your gasket replacement needs.

In most cases, each manufacturer uses a "typical" gasket profile for their units. For example, the manufacturer Delfield commonly uses the 1357 profile. You can clearly see this if you click on that link under our "Gaskets by Manufacturer" section. If you have a cross section of gasket material to compare, then use our profile page to identify your need. After you identify the correct profile, then select the gasket by manufacturer and make your choice based on the gasket profile you have identified.

In most cases we can help you with choosing the correct gasket for your model or a suitable gasket for your custom job. Refrigerator unit styles are common enough and the gasket identification process can be somewhat straightforward if you have access to the gasket itself while on the phone with our sales staff. Identify the name brand and click on the link for that manufacturer. Find your gasket profile that closely resembles your gasket. If you are still unsure, contact your manufacturer by clicking our manufacturer link.

Follow these steps:

1) Read our how to measure information and take your measurements.
2) Determine your gasket profile either by name brand link or by our profile page.
3) If your measurements are present as a listed selection, place your order. If not, call in for a custom order.
4) If you are still not sure, contact the manufacturer.

Occasionally, our customers have ‘very’ old units that require a custom gasket choice. This is not unique and we have helped many in this situation. If possible, first contact the manufacturer of the unit and obtain the gasket information.

If contacting the manufacturer is not possible, then visit our gasket profile page and choose a style that you think may work for your door. For older doors we have found that the selection is usually a “screw-on” style gasket. We have those styles in magnetic or non-magnetic versions. You will need to verify that your frame can accept a magnetic gasket prior to placing the order.

At your request, we can send samples of our gasket profiles. Once you have the samples, making your decision is less difficult. After choosing a gasket profile that will work for your door, simply determine your measurements then call in your custom order. If you have other questions, you can send an email or inquire via phone as well.

All listed measurements on our site are the result of previously placed orders – mostly placed from professional installers. Every size listed has been purchased as an order at one time and then added to our web site for others that need the same gasket and size. Do you have a size that you do not see on our site? If so, please call and we can either add your dimensions and you can make your purchase within a few minutes or you can simply order your custom gasket size via phone.

If you are having difficulty identifying your gasket profile or dimensions, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer for all information pertaining to your unit before making purchasing decisions. The manufacturer can provide gasket profile information and most importantly, gasket measurements. Manufacturers can also provide the correct hinge and handle information.

Eastern Gasket uses “outside corner” to ”outside corner” measurements as a basis for total size of the gasket. This is important because some manufacturers use what is known as “dart to dart”. Dart to dart is a measurement used on all “snap in” and “push in” gasket profiles and is taken from the track itself, or the gasket is removed and the actual “dart” on the gasket is measured. If the manufacturer offers “dart to dart” measurements, we can still help but you must call in the order as opposed to purchasing your gasket online.

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